Company Profile

What We Do

CCG specialises in complex construction and fit out projects for our clients.

In a construction and fit out capacity, we provide comprehensive services from concept design to completion. Whether acting in the capacity of construction manager, head contractor or design and construction leader, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach, leveraging extensive build ability experience in delivering innovative and outstanding results.

On a professional level we offer
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Associate Architectural services
  • Associate Interior Design services
  • Budget Planning and Value Engineering
  • Advanced Scheduling and Programming
Drawing on our extensive experience

To create or assess the necessary documentation we listen and take note of the client’s request’s, once this has been completed, we then evaluate provide further documentation if required and make suggestions to ensure that everything is optimally designed and that all essentials are included.

Experience matters

Over an extensive period of time we have developed a reputation based on cooperation, reliability and performance. Our team add value in any capacity, be it construction manager, head contractor or design and construction leader. With specialist knowledge in construction and trade disciplines, we take a proactive role to help deliver utstanding results for our clients. We prefer to join the team early, where we offer build ability and co-ordination advice and
ensure build ability and cost efficiency through valuable pre-construction collaboration. On project completion, we also offer ongoing maintenance and facilities management.

Cost efficiency

Cam Contractor Group has a very special and unique way of making sure that the customer receives value for money. We have invested and developed a software program that is exclusive to Cam Contractor Group. This software ensures transparency in construction costs, and keeps a record in order for both client and Cam Contractor Group to keep the finger on the pulse.